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Hydroponic Grow Systems by HGS provide affordable growing solutions while utilizing innovative techniques and quality materials.   

With an emphasis on efficiency, our grow systems are built to provide abundant crops and quicker yields.

The HGS Hydroponic Grow System is designed to maximize productivity for those with limited grow space or poor climate conditions.

Easy to assemble and ready to grow right out of the box, these hydroponic grow systems are great for everyone from the beginning gardener to an experienced professional.

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HGS offers several systems to choose from to match every growing requirement and strives to be the trusted source for hydro farming.

We are working diligently to introduce our Turn-Key Hydroponic Systems and will soon have them posted on our website. Till then, please visit our temporary Amazon store if you would like to get a glimpse of products our staff has used in the past and many that are still very useful for small indoor garden types. Keep checking in, we plan to launch some time in May!





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